Summer 2007  
Summer School Arc Mediterranean 2007
Summer School aims at bringing together students specialized in town planning and/or regional planning and key actors identified (representatives of the great agglomerations, professionals of town planning and regional planning, academics...) around common problems.

Summer School is generally articulated around 2 weeks of varied activities: interventions and testimonys of professionals, institutional, of academics, visits practise sites etc. The two weeks are also devoted to the realization of work of groups whose conclusions are presented at the time of a great ceremony of fence, final event of the summer school.

Summer School devoted to the structuring of space in the Mediterranean arc could be organized in 2007 on the Riviera. This Summer School would aim at bringing a better comprehension of the correlation which binds economic development and strategies infrastructures transport, of town planning and regional planning. It would also show the influence of all these policies on the quality of life of a territory, while supporting experience sharing and the comparisons between the experiments developed in France, Spain and Italy.
March 2, 2007  
The conference of the cities of the Mediterranean arc has the aim of promoting the development of a coherent network at high speed along the southern frontage of Europe, to connect the cities, while recognizing the utility of the various means of transport.

The conference will proceed in the Mediterranean university center (CUM) of Nice and will be articulated around the interventions:
- mayors of the principal cities of the Mediterranean arc,
- technical and/or university experts,
- personalities of the economic sector of the Mediterranean arc.

These interventions will make it possible to explain the awaited positive repercussions of the development the high speed between the cities of the Mediterranean arc and to mark the engagement of the mayors of the large cities of the Mediterranean arc in favour of the development the high railway speed.

The conference could end in the adoption of a Joint Declaration by the mayors, in favour of the development the high speed and for creation of Thalys of the south of Europe.
May 17, 2006  
The united technical secretariat of INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC program validated project ARCOMED, presented in September 2005 by the area Provence the Alps Riviera, Association TGV Provence Riviera, the area of Ligurie, the general information of Catalonia, the area Languedoc Roussillon, the Regional Room of Trade and Industry of Provence the Alps Corsica Riviera, the Regional Room of Trade and Industry Languedoc Roussillon, Unioncamere Liguria.

The objective of project ARCOMED is to put joint and in coherence the various projects from new rail links at high speed which relate to the Mediterranean frontage on which work France, Italy and Spain, to analyze the effects network and their socio-economic potential and finally to promote on the levels regional, national and European the concept of Mediterranean arc. This project, equipped with a budget of almost a million euros, will be cofinanced to 50% by the Community funds.

Download the file "Validation of project INTERREG ARCOMED
December 6, 2005  
The Board of directors of Shoed Network of France (RFF) took note of the conclusions of the public discussion on the line at high speed (LGV) PACA and decided to continue the preparation of the project.
He underlined the success of this debate. The importance of the participation of the public, the quality and the diversity of the exchanges allowed the enrichment of the reflexion.

Before stopping the final spindle, RFF will launch into 2006 of the complementary studies which will relate to:

* performances and the feasibility of the three solutions

* conditions of the prolongation of the project towards Italy in the continuity of "Mediterranean art"

* short-term improvement of the regional service roads and freight
October 2-5, 2005  

Next FIHUAT World Congress will be held in Rome from the 2 to October 5, 2005 in the three languages of the FIHUAT -French, German, English- and Italian and will have as a future subject "Urban : continuities and discountinuities". With the occasion of this Congress, TGV Provence Côte d'Azur Association organizes :

Topic : The Mediterranean arc

Initiatives were taken in this matter during the last year with the assistance active of the FIHUAT to engage a common reflexion between Catalonia, the areas of the South of France, and the areas of Ligurie and Lombardy on a tightening of the economic and cultural bonds between these various parts of the Mediterranean littoral.

The workshop whose regulator will be François LEBLOND, President of the COFHUAT and TGV Provence Côte d'Azur Association, will hear talks on the proposals for a construction of new railway lines, on the development of the maritime transport with an introductory presentation of Gian Carlo OLIVETTI.

The objective is to transmit a strong message on projects which will evolve/move of the stage of the intentions to that of the achievements and which relate to the future of Europe of the South.

Those which are a priori interested are invited to contact Alexandra LITCHMAN with the secretariat of the COFHUAT :
Tel. : +33
April 27, 2005  
Objectives and key elements of ARCOMED :

* An analysis of the transnational and intermodal network effects of the realization of a LGV in Provence Côte d'Azur, lacking link of a Barcelona-Marseilles-Nice-Genova-Milano connection,

* A description of the parameters of a potential common strategy of transnational territorial development, also integrating the ports such as those of Toulon and La Spezia,

* Actions of communication developing on the levels national and European stakes of the connections within the Mediterranean Arc.
April 18, 2005  
Board meeting to semi-course of the public discussion. This debate
will have a determining importance for our area's future.
February 21, 2005  
Opening of the Public Discussion concerning the creation of the LGV Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.
For four months, citizens are invited to share their reflexions about this project.
December 2004 -
January 2005
Preparation of the Public discussion.
Inventory of book of actor the association will present within the framework of the public discussion.
December 10, 2004  
Meeting of Board of Directors in Nice.
November 25, 2004  
Common meeting of the actors of project ARCOMED in Nice.
October 14, 2004  
Conciliation meeting on the methods of the public discussion - LGV PACA of the Particular Commission of the Public discussion (CPDP LGV PACA) in Marseilles.
October 2004  
Preparation of a project INTERREG III B - MEDOCC under the name of ARCOMED :

* An analysis of the transnational and intermodal network effects of the realization of a LGV in Provence Riviera, the missing link of a connection between Barcelona - Marseilles - Nice - Genova - Milano,

* A description of the parameters of a potential common strategy of transnational territorial development,

* Actions of communication developing, on the national and European levels, stakes of the connections within the Mediterranean Arc.
September 2004  
Settling of the "White Paper" after the observations about the preparatory document.
July 12, 2004  
Meeting of the General meeting.
Reading of the management report by the President - Presentation of the "White Paper" by Cabinet ALCYDE Consulting - Presentation of the plate communication by the agency ZEN Communication - Assignment of the result of 2003 - Estimated budget 2004.
June 30 - July 1st, 2004  
Working day in Sitgès (Spain).
Workshop "Eurorégion the Pyrenees - the Mediterranean : an innovating, competitive and durable space of transport".
June 14, 2004  
Board of directors meeting.
April 2004  
Submission to the court by Réseau Ferré de France (RFF - Rail Network of France) of the National Commission of Public Discussion. This Commission has to give its opinion on the opportuneness of this discussion.
February - March 2004  
Preparation of the Association Official Report.
February 12 - 13, 2004  
Visit in Barcelona.
Meeting with Mr Manel NADAL, Secretary-general of the Management of Catalan Territorial Policy.
February 9, 2004  
Visit in Genoa.
Meeting with the Ligurie Area representatives and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.
December 18, 2003  
CIADT - LGV PACA Project is registered in the eight new high speed lines projects.


From now on the transport policy must reconcile several objectives : the economic development, the attractivity of the territory(ies) in a widened Europe and the taking into account of the environmental, total and local stakes...

High speed line towards Italy

Finally, the realization of the high speed Line (LGV - Ligne à Grande Vitesse) Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur towards Toulon, Nice and Italy, was the subject of a provisional decision of the September 15, 1998 CIADT. On the basis of this decision, an opportunity study on the high speed development was carried out, whose conclusions were deposited on January 24, 2003.

The LGV PACA, missing link of the Mediterranean Arc, will improve the accessibility of Var and Côte d'Azur since North and will facilitate movements inside the area. Built to the surroundings of Nice, it would offer times of course from 3h30 to 4h00 between Paris and Nice.
The CIADT decides the inscription of LGV PACA on the chart of the long-term infrastructures. A public discussion on this project will take place into 2005."

December 12, 2003  
Conference "Opening-up of department" - Report by Mr François LEBLOND, President of TGV Provence Côte d'Azur Association.
November 27, 2003  
Meeting in Brussels with Mrs Simona COSTA, representing Ligurie Area to prepare a file INTERREG with this province.
November 14, 2003  
Mr President François LEBLOND's live interview on "France 3 Nice Côte d'Azur".
November 2003  

Chamber of Commerce of Genoa's adhesion to Association TGV Provence Côte d'Azur.

Work on the various layouts.

Contacts with the press.

October 20, 2003  
Meeting in Genoa with Mr Paolo ODONE, President of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce, and with Mr Vittorio ADOLFO, Adjoint of the Ligurie Area Transport.
October 15, 2003  

"Interconnections of the European LGV" - Report by Mr Senator JOLY.

First quotation of Project "LGV Provence Côted'Azur" in an official document. The axis Barcelona - Marseilles - Nice - Genoa is reproduced on list #2 of priorities.

October 2003  

Organization of a working session with Scetauroute to present the various layouts of the TGV Côte d'Azur studied for RFF.

Stage report of the Crédit Lyonnais' exploratory study's mission on the project "LGV Provence Côte d'Azur".

DEXIA's exploratory study on the project "LGV Provence Côte d'Azur".

Meetings with Mr Jean-Pierre DUPORT, RFF's President.

September - October 2003  
Meetings with Mr Senator Bernard JOLY, member of Parliament on mission charged by Mr Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN Prime Minister to carry out a reflexion on the transeuropean rail networks.
September 24, 2003  
"Debating lunch" at the Large Developers' Club - "Arguments in favour of a connection TGV for the Côte d'Azur in its national and international context".
Board of Directors
September 23, 2003

Presentation of the supplementary budget 2003 of Association for the 2nd six-month period 2003.

Launching of the studies on the various types of financing of this line in order to limit the budgetary impact to the load of the State (Crédit Lyonnais - DEXIA).

Launching of the studies on the economic and social profitability of this line.

Actions of communication for general public and large companies.

July 16, 2003  
Inter-regional meeting in Narbonne - "Objective Great South. A whole Territory at High Speed".
July 3, 2003  

Meeting in Monaco with the Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco, Mr Patrick LECLERCQ.

Meeting in Marseilles with the Adviser of Government for Public Works and the Social Affairs, Mr BADIA, and the Technical Adviser at the Department of Public works and the Social Affairs, Mr REALINI, then with the P.A.C.A. Regional Council.

July 2003  

Meetings with the General Councils' Presidents of Var and Bouches-du-Rhône.

Suporting mails for project "TGV Provence - Côte d'Azur" from the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Imperia Chamber of Commerce.

June 17, 2003  

Thanks to the initiatives of founder members (the Alpes-Maritimes General Council, Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Town of Nice), the area of Imperia gives its support for the initiatives of Association, by mail.

In the same way, "Arc Latin" Association, chaired by Mr ROYES I VILLA (Barcelona) addressed a supporting mail for the project of the High Speed Line.

June 10, 2003  

Exhibition of Côte d'Azur visuals which decorates today the second basement of the Gare de Lyon's car park, in Paris, on the occasion of the public awareness campaign the car park's users who use the TGV daily.

Visit of the exhibiton "Train Capitale" organized by Mr Gad Weil, event organizer of international fame, by President François LEBLOND in order to meet with several founder members in front of a TGV on the Champs-Elysées Avenue to support the mobilization campaign in favour of the Provence Côte d'Azur High Speed Line.

May 24, 2003  
Publication in the Official Journal of the declaration of creation of Association.
May 12, 2003  
Board meeting and election of the Office.
President F. LEBLOND is officially named and charged starting the administrative steps and proceeding to the bank account opening.
April 11, 2003  

General meeting constitutive of the Association chaired by Mr Prefect LEBLOND.
Election of the President - Nomination of the Board of directors' members, of which the President of the General Council and its 1st Vice President - Adoption of a first operational budget for the first six-month period 2003 - Presentation of the first actions.

Constitution of a Project Team.
Made up of technicians resulting from the principal members of the Association, including Alpes-Maritimes General Council, it aims to allow a better operation of Association and to prepare the technical files effectively.

Deposit of the statutes of Association to the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes.

March 25, 2003  
The members of Parliament of South-East pled the cause of the TGV Provence Côte d'Azur, in Paris, to Mr Gilles de ROBIEN, Transport Minister.
March 13, 2003  
Working meeting with Mr Jean-Paul DELEVOYE, Minister of Civil Service, Reform and Regional Planning, the Prefect LEBLOND, President of the Association, members of Parliament and Mr President of the General Council to evoke several files including the TGV Provence Côte d'Azur.
February 14, 2003  
Launching of the supporting association to the TGV Provence Côte d'Azur.
January 17, 2003  
First meeting, on the initiative of Jacques PEYRAT, Senator-Mayor of the town of Nice, President of the Community of Agglomeration Nice Côte d'Azur, in order to promote the TGV Provence Côte d'Azur, joining together the whole of the representatives of the political world, all confused tendencies : deputies and senators of Alpes-Maritimes, the great communities (Area, Department), other agglomerations and communes of Alpes-Maritimes and Var, representatives of the socio-economic and associative world, actors favorable to the LGV Côte d'Azur.